Short notice camping trip

My lovely girlfriend and I decided to have a quick camping trip on our days off between work then might turn into a bi-weekly thing and adding videos on my youtube channel and breaking them down into a mini-series. Be on the lookout will have a promotion going on as well coming up on my channel!

YouTube Channel



St. Patrick’s Day

Went to the fourth largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dallas this last weekend is was pretty awesome p tons of people enjoying the show it was pretty awesome to watch.

Dallas Trip

Above is a view from the Omni hotel 14th floor, I think it looked absolutely amazing. Below are photos from Dallas, the aquarium and art museum.

There are so many more pictures to come this weekend I’m going back to Dallas for the St Patrick’s day parade.

Fixed my scheduling issue for posting this is off about two weeks, got it fixed and should be good now.

Next week.

Stay tuned for more post to come, pics of me in a kilt at St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Hey Guy’s and Gal’s

Hi to all those reading, I’m going to be doing weekly post on Friday, on current topics or random craziness going on with me in life.

I’ve managed to find my self going through a very wonderful last few months in life and will be sharing what I have been doing myself and maybe it will help those of you that read this or just be your weekly dose of inspiration, either way I just want to spread the good in life.

Stay tuned next week and I will be showing my adventure in Dallas, TX small trip to the Dallas World Aquarium and the Dallas Museum of Art. As well as, my new weekly dose of inspiration for you folks.


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